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April 28, 2009



Saucy! Rrrrowwwr!

Mountain Mama

I suppose you could write to the principal expressing your disappointment over the procedures (and why wouldn't they take a check?), but it may not do any good.

I miss Kennywood. Have a great time!

p.s. And if you want to bitch, bitch!


I don't know why checks were unacceptable, but it stated cash or money orders only. Maybe they got burned in the past. Who knows.


They can't take checks?! Do they pay their teachers in cash?

Also --- even if they got a bad check, it's not like they're going to have trouble collecting the money ... THEY HAVE THE DEADBEAT'S KIDS IN SCHOOL. THAT'S PRETTY GOOD COLLATERAL.

So why can't you just (1.) send in a check and an order form and (2.) have them send the tickets home with your yoot? I think that's how we did it back nigh on 25 years ago, when I was in elementary school.

Seems to me you got a right to sing the bitches ... er, blues.

P.S.: When is this blog going to be officially remained the Bob 'n Julie blog? It seems to me Mrs. Subdivided is carrying a lot of the load.

(throws grenade, waits for explosion)


The world is a funny place, what with working hours all being at the same time.

Things I've taken time off work (back in the days before I was self-employed):
-doctor's appointments;
-picking up medication from the pharmacy

There are probably more, but these are things I do regularly. Now, in the last few years, at least around here, I've noticed a lot more places (banks and pharmacies, most notably) that are open later hours. My pharmacy is now open 10a-9p weekdays, and even short hours on weekends.

I also seem to recall cheques or cash in an envelope brought in by the kids being enough to score various on-sale items in my time in school. I remember it specifically because I was always forgetting it in my backpack, and my backpack who-knows-where.


An alternative would have been to just start the sale a bit earlier, say 8:00 when the office folks are already in the office. It's not as if there would have been a huge line out the door but it would have accommodated the working parents.

BB - I don't want or need the recognition, I just don't want to be associated with very old underwear.


The "no checks" policy is Kennywood's, not your school's. It's been a long-standing policy for that park, as we were paying cash since the early 90's for those tickets. I don't know why for sure, but bounced checks seems reasonable.

As for the timing of the sale, I believe Kennywood reps visit the schools to sell the tickets, so they set the time, not the school. They visit several schools on a given day, IIRC.

Just remember and plan for it next year, Julie.


Culli - thanks so much for giving me the details. I had no idea that the sale was being run by Kennywood and not the school. Big gold star for you today.

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